What our clients say about us


B. Matthews
Director, Bear Plumbing Company  - Roseville NSW
I can highly recommend Silvio Gmur whom we have worked with over a period of five years. Silvio’s approach to working with business owners who are not progressing in their business had a profound effect in not only changing focus and energy to the correct areas in the business, but importantly generating our bottom-line net profit over time from a loss to well over $300K net profit per annum. Silvio’s personal touch resulted in having all involved work to their strengths with great results for the business. I would like to commend Silvio on his flexibility, adaptability, while still keeping a personalized touch when working with his clients.
Lenise Appleyard
Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, M.Hlth sc TCM, B.Hlth sc Acup  - Crows Nest, Sydney
“I needed a professionally compiled business plan start my own into business. I knew of Silvio’s expertise as a Business Consultant through my networking connections. He showed in-depth knowledge of how to research and compile all the important elements that make an excellent business plan. The end product is Strategic Business Plan for the next three years with clearly defined milestones and financial objectives of which I am proud of. I have no hesitation in strongly recommending Silvio’s business consulting skills, be it for an established or a start-up business that requires ongoing assistance to make their business grow or for a start-up business such as mine”.
Construction Contractor  - North Shore, Sydney
"Working with Silvio Gmur over a period of time, we have established a clear Business Vision and a Strategic Business Plan. This has given us the confidence we did not previously have to move forward in our business. We now now have a clear strategy for marketing, operational cost saving and business growth. We thank Silvio for his excellent work."
Bruce Margetic,
The Jansson Centre, Sydney
"Interaction with Silvio to frame a Business plan has delivered a comprehensive vision with well-defined strategies.  Synergies within the existing and proposed services have been identified. Can highly recommend Silvio's Business Consultancy Skills in the building of your Business Plan with defined Revenue & Cash Flow Projections."
T. Recks
Director  - Waratah Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Pty Ltd.
Having been in business for a number of years I wanted to find a way to expand my business and move forward. With Silvio’s considerable experience in managing various businesses and his expertise as a Business Consultant we successfully built a great strategic plan for my business The business plan has given me clarity of how to achieve my goals; how to grow my business over the next three years and it has also instilled confidence of what to achieve for me personally as well as for my business. I would highly recommend Silvio’s services to anyone in business who; with the help of a professionally constructed business plan wants to take their business to the next level.
S. Totterdell
Man Director, Plumbing Business  - North Sydney
When we started our business, we seemed to be at a standstill. We were having issues with growth and systems. Silvio coached us to implement strong foundations along important systems to build our business to greater earnings, profitability and value of the business. His considerable business experience was most helpful in gaining new staff as well as retaining existing ones and creating an enjoyable work environment for the whole team. I can highly recommend Silvio’s Business Consultancy skills to any business owner who want to grow their business and increase profitability.
Y.S., Contemporary Therapist
Chatswood, Sydney
"Since working with Silvio and building a Strategic Business Plan, we have achieved greatly increased results in all our areas of operation. We are confidently looking at doubling our bottom line results to 300k within the next 18 months."