Frequently Asked Questions


What do you do that is different to other business coaches?2018-10-18T17:07:35+00:00

We analyze all parts of the business and ensure they are working efficiently together. We do not just write a business plan. We stay with you and help implement it. – We are your accountability partner.

How quickly will I see results?2018-10-18T17:10:28+00:00

Our business success program has been designed to start delivering results quickly. In fact you will see noticeable progress within 3 months of commencement.

How can you be so confident that you can help me?2018-10-18T17:10:50+00:00

With our unique skills in creating successful businesses and your specific industry expertise, we will together make a huge success of your business.

Doesn’t my Accountant do what you do?2018-10-18T17:16:47+00:00

Accountant work with historical figures, generally previous year’s profit & loss figures. Whilst accurate financial information is essential, as Business Consultants we are focused on the present and the future of your business

How much is it going to cost?2018-10-18T17:11:43+00:00

As every business has individual circumstances and requirements every consulting agreement varies according to how much work is required. As our business consultancy is based on the self-funding principal we will only work with you if we can show 100% – 300% return on investment (in many cases much more). At any rate the initial two meetings are free of charge.