5 Tips for Smart Money Management in the new Financial Year

When consulting with my clients, the main challenges I come across to innovation and business improvements are mostly: Lack of Money, Low Profitability and Financial Pressures. Many of these challenges can be overcome by these “Five Important Money Tips”: 1. Invoicing – Be clever and send out invoices promptly: Many small business owners do not have

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Increasing profitability is a key goal for many small-business owners. Here are six cost-effective tactics that could; if implemented properly, help you save money and increase profits. 1.Control expenses. The advantage of controlling expenses is that for every dollar you save by eliminating an expense, you gain an extra dollar in profits. This approach allows

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Tired of Networking with No results?  If you haven't heard of BNI, here is an article well worth reading about the world's most successful Networking Organization. Because, if you are ever invited to attend a BNI meeting there are specific but hidden reasons why you've been invited and you need to know what they are.

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Achieving Team Goals in Business

A business that is made up of more than one person needs to work out how to get everyone working together to achieve a common goal. The challenge is that motivating other people to work hard towards your business goal is mostly not easy. Entrepreneurs are dedicated to growing their businesses, but how to motivate

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5 Reasons Why Businesses Run Out of Money

5 Reasons Businesses run out of Money and how to Avoid Them. Increased competition, the demands of keeping up with technological change and managing the complexities of cash flow can all take a toll on businesses, resulting in many struggling to keep a healthy bottom line. Let's look at five reasons businesses run out of

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THINKING OF STARTING UP A SMALL BUSINESS? These days there are many resources you can search on the internet, but nothing is as meaningful and invaluable as an 8 weeks evening course that teaches the 10 most important Rules when starting up your own business. Start-up Business Failures are high, but if you get the set-up

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6 Hurdles to overcome to making it Rich

There are many reasons why people enter the world of entrepreneurship, but the one that seems to draw the most attention is the prospect of “getting rich.” But it’s unlikely that merely owning a business is going to make your rich and here are six reasons why: 1. BUSINESS FAILURE IS NOT UNCOMMON Not only

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5 Tips to Providing Excellent Customer Service

Providing excellence in customer service is a key factor among successful businesses that retain clients and get customers coming back again and again. Good customer service often is also the differentiation that encourages your clients  to choose your business over the rest. Principally good customer service is fairly simple in principle. But many businesses fail to incorporate actions

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6 Tasks every Business Owner hates

There are tedious, annoying tasks that most hard-charging entrepreneurs and business owners would rather avoid. But that doesn't mean you or your business is better off without them. In fact, some of the least enjoyable chores of running a company actually help your long-term survival and success. Here are six annoying aspects of

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